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Smokeless cigarettes, also known as electronic cigarette cigarettes is now very popular.

The electronic cigarette, which consist of a small battery providing power, an atomizer heating the coil, and a catomizer which has the eliquid in it, intending to let smokers enjoy nicotine anywhere, even in public.

Which is better than traditional cigarette is that the ecig just heat up the nicotine liquid into water vapour. It's not smoke, it's vape, but just like the real smoke.

We won't say that the ecig can make you quit, cos there are still nicotine in it, so the vapers still have the nicotine addiction.

But ecig is more healther than traditional cigarette cos it's only nicotine, no other harmful chemicals in the liquid. No tar, no second-hand smoke. The users can choose the different flavors as they wish.

One of the major reasons why ecigs have increased in popularity is due to the various flavours to choose and the feel of smoking. Also the price is important point cos ecig can save big money than traditional cigarette.

Although the debate over the benefits of electronic cigarettes still continues , all the smokers continues to see a rise in e-cigarette using.
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electronic cigarette
New Year's Eve usually means a new beginning, a chance to restart the system, and healthy habits. And one of the most common health resolutions is to quit smoking.

A new trend in this area, however, untouched some medical experts and termination. The trend has emit the use of electronic cigarettes and other electronic devices, the vapors to simulate exposure to tobacco smoke.

"I've had mixed reviews on them, because they are not approved by the FDA and is not regulated in any way," said Kate McNally, program coordinator of the Coalition for Community Free Snuff Cheshire. "To stop going to get very random results. Such a strategy on evidence of snuff, but I know some people have had success, and I have others say they just do not have on the shelf and thrown in vain."

Sold over the counter in convenience stores, electronic cigarettes are nicotine delivery devices, load plug into the wall outlet or a computer, rather than illuminated by the fire. Most of these units appear to cigarettes but the smoke produced emit, what manufacturers call a harmless vapor.

But according to a researcher at Norris Cotton Cancer Center and Dartmouth-Hitchcock pediatrician who studies and teaches how to prevent children from snuff, there are some problems with the use of these electronic devices.

Echo McNelly Cheshire Coalition, said the researcher Susanne Tanski, that these products are not regulated by the FDA. Tanksi and said, the FDA warned that the manufacturers do not market these devices as devices for smoking cessation or safer than traditional cigarettes because of it. No evidence of efficacy or safety

"This is like buying vitamins from a street vendor," Tanski said in a recent publication Norris Cotton. "There's really no way to know what you're getting and where it comes from, but people voluntarily inhale these chemicals are not regulated in their lungs."

Teresa Brown, NH QuitWorks cessation specialist said that the studies that have been done show that the concentrations of nicotine electronic devices are all over the board, with some cartridges that contain a bit "and the other with a lot. He said some studies have shown that some brands of electronic cigarettes have not been found twice in different nicotine aid to smoking cessation.

Some devices have also appeared positive for carcinogenic substances.

"Definitely not the detectable amounts of carcinogens," Brown said. "There is no conflict not only with nicotine but with carcinogens."

If an electronic cigarette is smoked, air is drawn through the plastic device is smoked in the same manner as a conventional cigarette. As described by official cotton Norris, creates a vacuum, which is coupled by inhalation to a battery which in turn sends a heating element for hot chemicals housed in a replaceable cartridge. Carcinogens when in the cartridge, this causes heating process, multiple Brown.

The stabilizer used in many electronic cigarette cartridges - propylene glycol - is also another problem, according Tanski. Propylene glycol is found in products such as deodorants and disinfectants at Norris Cotton Center, but "not in the short and long term tested several times for people and a deep inhale again evaporated."

In the recent conference of C. Everett Koop Snuff treatment. sponsored by the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, an official of the Health Center of Maine was the independence of snuff also pointed out that impurities, such as medication and diet drugs for erectile dysfunction was found a little 'of the electronic cigarette cartridges.

Moreover, said the Norris Cotton Center Tanski storing electronic cigarette nicotine cartridges and refill bottles parts are the color and flavor, which makes them appealing to children and pets. A single bottle of nicotine reserves of up to 100 mg of nicotine. In case of ingestion, 10 mg nicotine is a toxic dose for an infant, according to officials Norris Cotton.

"These cartridges and bottles are kept at a safe distance from children or pets need. A single cartridge can have 10 times the nicotine in cigarettes, and can, if ingested fatal," said Tanski. "I do not recommend. This product as nicotine replacement therapy and smoking cessation. They are safe and reliable"

However, most experts recommend that you. The methods proven before they are to try electronic cigarettes

"The front line for people who are a little" want to help, "McNally said," that nicotine patches gum, nicotine pads, nicotine inhaler, nicotine nasal spray would be. These are the first lines of defense. These are approved by the FDA, showing a certain amount of nicotine and research that work. "

In addition, he said, some people have success with medications such as Chantix and Wellbutrin.

Notes QuitWorks NH Brown scores to combine the drug increases the likelihood of a successful person.

"So, if you use just the patch, the probability of success is doubled if the patch and gum," he said. "It tripled if you. The patch and the gum and talk to a counselor over the phone"

"It's 2013," he added. "There are a lot of things to help."
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